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The Latest from Illinois - Unveiling of the 2015 Strategic Plan
Wednesday, March, 25 2015

​“Improving Youth Outcomes” (For the full report, click here) outlines the Illinois administration’s approach to strategic planning and leveraging public private partnerships in juvenile justice, and a deliberate strategy for improving public safety in the State of Illinois.  The IDJJ’s Operating Plan is the result of a six-month strategic planning initiative funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The Plan focuses on implementing a range of national best practices and evidence-based programs in Illinois’ juvenile justice facilities.


Legislative Reforms in Juvenile Detention and the Justice System
Wednesday, March, 25 2015

The National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) recently released a report on Legislative Reforms in Juvenile Detention and the Justice System (For the full report, click here). The report lists state that have passed laws promoting the use of alternatives to secure detention and the use of risk assessment instruments to guide decisions regarding the necessity for confinement. States that have passed such legislation include: Delaware, Georgia, Maryland and Kentucky. A few states, such as Georgia, Minnesota and New Mexico address the racial and ethnic disparities in the purpose clauses of their juvenile acts. Eight states – Alaska, Connecticut, Maine, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia have – have passed laws or established rules that limit or prohibit the use of isolation for youth in detention facilities.


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