CJCA President’s Award

The CJCA President’s Award was created in 2013 to recognize a member who has made a significant contribution through participation in the activities of CJCA including mentoring new directors, participation in semi-annual meetings and active participation on regional and standing committees.

CJCA President’s Award Recipients

2018 – Presented to Chris Blessinger at the CJCA and PbS Awards Dinner in Minneapolis.

2017 – Presented  to Harvey Reed at the Leadership Institute in Chicago.

2016 – Presented  to Kevin M. Brown  at the Leadership Institute in Chicago.

2015 – Presented  to Kathy Halvorson  at the Leadership Institute in Chicago.

2014 – Presented  to Cindy McKenzie  and Fariborz Pakseresht at the Leadership Institute in Chicago.

2013 – Presented  to Susan Burke and Charles Flanagan at the Leadership Institute Meeting in Chicago.

Outstanding Administrator Award

CJCA presents the Outstanding Administrator Award each year to an individual or individuals for their extraordinary leadership of CJCA and the field and their commitment to improving the lives of youths. There is no better recognition for an administrator than to be given this award in recognition of their work by their peers.

Edward J. Loughran Outstanding Administrator Award Recipients

2018 – Presented to Lisa Bjergaard at the CJCA and PbS Awards Dinner in Minneapolis, MN.

2017 – Presented to Peter J. Forbes at the Leadership Institute in Chicago, IL.

Outstanding Administrator Award Recipients

2016-  Presented to Sharon Harrigfeld at the 2016 Leadership Institute in Chicago, IL.

2015- Presented to Susan Burke at the 2015 Leadership Institute in Chicago, IL.

2014- Presented to Michael Dempsey at the 2014 Leadership Institute in Chicago, IL.

2013 – Presented to Fariborz Pakseresht at the 2013 Leadership Institute in Chicago, IL

2012 – Presented to Tim Decker and Kevin Aucoin at the July 2012 Summer Meeting in Denver, CO.

2011 – Presented to Jane E. Tewksbury at the Aug. 2011 Summer Meeting in Kissimmee, FL.

2010 –Presented to Cherie Townsend at the 3rd Annual All Directors meeting held in Chicago in Oct. 2010.

2009 – Presented to Bernie Warner, CJCA President and Chief Deputy Secretary for Juvenile Justice, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and to J. Russell Jennings, Commissioner of the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority.

2008 – Presented to Steve Bates previous director of the Colorado Office of Children Youth and Families.

2007 – Presented to George L. Sweat, secretary, North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

2006 – Presented to Barry Stoodley, associate commissioner for Juvenile Services in Maine at the CJCA Summer Business Meeting in Charlotte.

2005 – Presented to Anne Marie Ambrose, commissioner, Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services and Court Practices and Doug Herrmann, juvenile division director, South Dakota Department of Corrections at the CJCA Summer Business Meeting August 7, 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland.

2004 – Presented to Howard L. Beyer, director, New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission at the CJCA 10th Anniversary Meeting July 31, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois.

2003 – Presented to Mark Steward, director, Missouri Division of Youth Services at the CJCA Summer Business Meeting Aug. 10, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee.

2002 – Presented to Joyce Burrell, juvenile justice senior advisor, American Institute for Research at the CJCA 8th Annual Meeting April 20, 2002 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2001 – Presented to Alton L. Lick, director, North Dakota Division of Juvenile Services at the CJCA 7th Annual Meeting May 7, 2001 in San Diego, California.

1999 – Presented to the late Donald Wydra for his years of service given to improving the lives of youths. CJCA President Al Lick of North Dakota presented the award on Don’s behalf to Richard Thompson of Louisiana. Richard Thompson held a luncheon and presented the award to Mrs. Wydra.