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News OK: Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs to end use of pepper spray
Friday, April, 14 2017

Members of the Board of Juvenile Affairs voted unanimously Wednesday to stop using pepper spray on children in the care of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs.

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Celebrating Outstanding Ongoing Achievements
Friday, April, 07 2017

Every field seems to have its own version of the Oscars. Some of the best known are the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Awards for theater and the Grammy Awards for music and recording. All three recognize the best performers in the fields and were modeled after the Oscars, which were first presented in 1929. Sports, literature, technology, automotive, painting, photography, hospitality, leadership and more all have awards and winners, national and local competitions. I can’t think of many fields that don’t offer some sort of recognition.

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Video CJCA Leadership Institute 2015