CJCA Positive Youth Development Toolkit

Posted by Peter Forbes
August 11, 2017

CJCA produced a valuable and practical toolkit in March of 2015 “Reducing the Use of Isolation”.

The feedback from the field regarding the initial toolkit was extremely positive and jump started interest in a second toolkit based on Positive Youth Development. 

For the past year a small team, under the umbrella of the Positive Youth Outcomes Committee has worked on a second toolkit to assist member jurisdictions interested in promoting Positive Youth Development as a guiding construct in your work to improve services, programs and long-term outcomes for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.  Shannon Myrick, PhD, Development Implementation Manager, Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) and Kirsten Kolb, MSW, Strategic Initiatives Analyst, Oregon Youth Authority are the primary authors supported by several others  including Phil Harris, Temple University; Kim Godfrey, Executive Director PbS; Fariborz Pakseresht, Director of the Oregon Youth Authority; and Mike Dempsey, Executive Director, CJCA. 

This toolkit is constructed to be of assistance to CJCA affiliated Agency Directors. CJCA is incredibly grateful to all those having worked on this project and is hopeful that this new toolkit will serve as a useful resource to all agencies, organizations and those working with youth entrusted to the care of the juvenile justice system. Please take the time to review this promising toolkit at the link provided (here).

Peter Forbes, Commissioner Massachusetts Department of Youth Services