PbS Kids Got Talent Winner: Inspired Youth from IYC Chicago Shares His Journey

Posted by Jonah Schennum
October 20, 2017

The Performance-based Standards (PbS) State/Agency Coordinators Training and Awards Night in Chicago, Illinois is next week! Participants have been waiting to see the results of PbS’ annual Kids Got Talent Contest. PbS challenges facilities and youths to share their talents with the country and invites the winner to come perform live at the Awards Night. We received over 90 great performance submissions, and after careful deliberation 14 finalists were chosen. Today, we reveal the winner of the 2017 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest!

Marc D. from IYC – Chicago presents a spoken word poem which starts as an exploration of the things he likes to rap about, an exploration which quickly turns inwards. It is a powerful reflection on the choices he made which led to him being involved in the juvenile justice system, along with the hopes he has for his future and his plans for bettering his own life for himself and the people around him. Marc explains, “Writing poems and music helps me express myself and share the beauty of life from my perspective.”

Our judges agreed with Marc’s sentiment, and said “the word[s] will serve as motivation for other youth,” “great lyrics,” “the hand gestures added to the emotion! Great storyteller,” and that he is “a great lyricist.” Marc wowed us in the office as well when we watched his submission. His poem was both talented and touching, and it truly allowed us to experience his point of view and his journey through life, which was only made better by his expressive gestures and stage presence.

Congratulations on winning the 2017 PbS Kids Got Talent Contest, Marc, and thank you for sharing your talent!