PbS Facilities Get Youths in the Holiday Spirit

Posted by Kyrei Miller
December 24, 2013

Many facilities are helping youths and staff get into the holiday spirit by organizing various activities and events. Performance-based Standards (PbS) is proud to share some great stories from facilities across the country who are making this time of year memorable for youths and staff.

The Sacramento County Youth Detention Facility holds a decoration contest every year during the holidays. This year’s theme was “Fairytale Christmas”. Youths and staff decorated living units that were judged by a panel that included Sacramento officials and members from the community. The decoration contest has helped build rapport between youths and staff especially during the holidays while kids are away from friends and family.

Youths and staff from Sacramento decorate a unit based on the Polar Express movie

Camp Summit Juvenile Boot Camp teaches youths to give back during the holidays by participating in various community service projects. Youths from the all-male facility unloaded buses and packed food bags at the local Salvation Army, sang Christmas carols at a nursing home and took a trip with facility members and staff to help cut down a Christmas tree. The Gospel Echoes religious group also sang songs for the boys and treated them to milk and cookies.

Youths from Camp Summit Boot Camp helping organize food bags

STAR Academy has various programming for youths during the holiday season. The facility extends visitation for families, youths help decorate the tree at the state capital and kids get the opportunity to attend a hockey game off campus. Also, not only do the youths receive gift bags with goodies but Santa also visits all the programs.

STAR toys
Girls at STAR Academy after receiving their gift bags

Youths from Central Utah Youth Center Detention decorated the facility with a variety of snowflakes, 3-dimensional Christmas trees and paper chains.  The facility also held religious services that included music and a message. Thanks to donations from a local department store, youths also went home in a new shirt, pair of pants, candy and a handmade blanket. Other facilities like North Dakota Youth Correctional Center and Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility also engaged youths by participating in a Christmas Choir and throwing a Christmas party for residents and staff!

north dakota party
Youths from North Dakota Correctional Center attending a Christmas party

logansport choir
Youths performing in the Christmas Choir at Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility