What’s New in Juvenile Justice? April 11 News Roundup

Posted by Lisa Martinek
April 11, 2014

Do you need to catch up on juvenile justice news? We’ve compiled a list of recent news stories, so you can be up to date about what’s going on in juvenile justice.

The National Council on Crime & Delinquency (NCCD) has released a series of reports on the reduction of youth incarceration rates.

Experts say that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youths are twice as likely to be detained in a juvenile detention facility for status offenses compared to other youths.

Attendees of the Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference were impressed by Performance-based Standards (PbS) and their unique collaboration with THRIVE to bring trauma-informed care to juvenile facilities.

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department has a new interim director following Mike Griffiths’ departure.

Wichita State University is featuring Richard Ross’ photo exhibit “Juvenile in Justice.”

A meeting in Florida focused on the use of civil citations instead of arrests to help keep juvenile offenders’ records clean.

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice School District is seeking a Superintendent, who ensures that students develop academic competencies that enable them to successfully reenter the community.

Alton Pitre shares his story about contact with the juvenile justice system and says that at-risk minority youths should have contact with gang-interventionists and social workers rather than police.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed Andrew Block as the Director of the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has named Nate Balis as the new director of the Juvenile Justice Strategy Group effective July 1.