National Juvenile Defender Center Releases New White Paper on Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Posted by Lisa Martinek
April 15, 2014

The National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC), an organization that promotes justice for children by ensuring excellence in juvenile defense, has released a new white paper “Juvenile Defense Attorneys: A Critical Protection Against Injustice.”

Juvenile defenders are incredibly important—they are the only person who is singularly devoted to understanding and defending the child’s expressed legal interests—but they face key challenges. The white paper outlines these challenges, including engaging a young client in the court process, ensuring timely appointment of counsel and preventing waiver of critical rights, as well as solutions to meet these challenges. According to the NJDC, “Without appropriate guidance, youths are unlikely to understand rights they are regularly asked to waive, let alone the consequences of waiving them.”

To learn more about the challenges that juvenile defenders face, read the new white paper.