What’s New in Juvenile Justice? April 18 News Roundup

Posted by Lisa Martinek
April 18, 2014

Do you need to catch up on juvenile justice news? We’ve compiled a list of recent news stories, so you can be up to date about what’s going on in juvenile justice.

The Center on Poverty and Inequality released a report on the sex trafficking of girls in the United States.

A white paper from the Vera Institute of Justice discusses the main methodological challenges to performing cost-benefit analyses of justice-system investments.

A bill reforming the Kentucky juvenile justice system received final approval from the Senate, but some say the bill doesn’t go far enough in addressing low-level crimes like truancy.

Experts say that law enforcement’s attitudes toward male victims of sex trafficking are weighed down by gender bias.

A white paper from the National Juvenile Defender Center outlines the challenges faced by juvenile defense attorneys.

Josh Rovner believes that states should be required to report the steps they take to reduce Disproportional Minority Contact (DMC) under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA).

A Q&A with Dr. Bruce Perry, a child psychologist and senior fellow at the ChildTrauma Academy, discusses the effects of isolation on the developing brain.

An upcoming webinar will share policies, practices and PbS outcomes that help reduce isolation and room confinement.