Community-based Programs Get Fuller Picture of Family Involvement

Posted by Karyn Rautenberg
April 21, 2014

Community-based programs vary in their rehabilitative missions, often with a focus on mental health or substance abuse, but the importance of family involvement in the youth’s treatment planning and discharge is a consistent thread throughout all community-based programs. 

Since 2008, Performance-based Standards (PbS) has worked with community-based programs in order to provide safe and healthy cultures and effective services that help young offenders return to the community and lead successful law-abiding lives. To understand the role of family in this process, PbS provides and collects family surveys from community-based programs as well as questions about family and social supports through other surveys. 

Recently, a partnership was formed with the Vera Institute of Justice to work on the Family-Youth Initiative (FYI) to better engage and work with families.  As a result of FYI, PbS has pilot-tested family surveys in secure facilities and is now proud to announce that community-based program participants will be using an improved family survey based on the work with Vera.  Updated family surveys and other data collected about families will provide a fuller picture of family involvement and important feedback for programs to meaningfully and effectively include families and social supports in youths’ rehabilitation and reentry into the community.