PbS Works to Bring Family Surveys to Detention Facilities

Posted by Kyrei Miller
April 22, 2014

The Family-Youth Initiative (FYI), a collaboration between Performance-based Standards (PbS) and the Vera Institute of Justice, Family Justice Program was created to help facilities better engage and work with families. FYI created a perception survey for family members of detained youths in corrections facilities and PbS is now happy to announce that a group of detention facilities will pilot a family survey tailored for their short term population.

The PbS Family Survey for correction sites helps gain insight into the family’s orientation to the facility, visiting and contact with their child, and involvement in treatment and discharge planning. At the 2014 State Coordinators Training, state coordinators involved with detention sites reviewed the PbS Family Survey and discussed how to enhance and tailor the survey for detention sites. Thanks to all the feedback from our state coordinators, a family survey for detention sites was developed and a group of detention sites across the country have agreed to pilot the family survey starting in May. The survey will bring new reports and outcome measures but most importantly, detention facilities will be able to recognize how well they’re engaging families and make improvements based on the data.

We’re very excited for this important development in the Family-Youth Initiative and a big thanks to all of our state coordinators! A special thanks to those involved in the PbS detention family survey work group including  Karl Alston (Court Support Services Division, CT), Vicki Brown-Smith (Hamilton County, OH), Michael Shores (Sacramento, CA), Emil Fischer (Riverside, CA), Salvador Mendez (UT), Ray Michaelson (AK), Jim Sanders (Sacramento, CA), Patrick Schreiber (Clark County, NV) and Marie Swope (Greene County, MO).