March PbS Person of the Month

Posted by Lisa Martinek
March 02, 2015

The March 2015 Performance-based Standards (PbS) Person of the Month honor goes to Chris Dorman from the Naselle Youth Camp in Washington state.  Chris has worked at the Naselle Youth Camp for the past 18.5 years and has been involved with PbS since their candidacy in 2005.  He is the longest standing PbS site coordinator in the state.  In addition to his role as a PbS site coordinator, Chris is also a full-time mental health coordinator and a designated suicide prevention specialist.

Mr. Dorman originally set out on a career path in business administration with an emphasis on finance and accounting.  It was not until he learned about a family member’s involvement with the juvenile population that made him realize what he truly wanted to accomplish in life. He states “I realized my heart was with kids and not with the prosperity that came with success in the financial services industry.  I knew I could have a positive impact on their [kids] lives.”  It is this same desire that continues to motivate Chris to continue in his current position. “I have the opportunity to be an adult that cares about them and can provide a service that improves their quality of life.”   

Chris tells us that participation in PbS has impacted his position by reinforcing the importance of quality assurance and affirming that regardless of their current placement kids deserve the best quality of life possible.  

Mr. Dorman was instrumental in the development and application of a statewide facility improvement plan, which focused on the automation of the youth record and improving the health screening process.  Jennifer Redman, M.S., institution programs administrator, had this to say about Chris: “Mr. Dorman approaches his work with the end goal in mind; to provide youth treatment in a safe and healthy environment so they can reintegrate into their community with skills to be successful.  He is a bright spot in the juvenile rehabilitation system.” Chris was also the coordinator of events for “Unity Day” at the facility which supported the PACER organization’s anti-bullying campaign.  Staff and Youth wore orange clothing and participated in activities that focused on bullying prevention.

When he is not at work, Chris enjoys travel, fishing, coaching and exercising.  In 20 years he hopes to be partially retired, doing volunteer work with a children’s hospital, attending sporting events and soaking up the sun!  Congratulations and thank you Chris on your commitment to treating all youths in custody as one of your own.

Chris Dorman
Steve Fox (left) and Chris Dorman (right) on "Unity Day"

Chris Dorman and youth
Chris Dorman and his son after winning the 2012 11 year-old Oregon State Championship.