Great Summer Activities from Central Utah Youth Center

Posted by Lisa Martinek
September 10, 2015

This summer, the Central Utah Youth Center (CUYC) has been alive with the sound of whirring machines, bouncing balls, cheers, laughter and more.  

Both youths and staff have been thrilled with the implementation of the SPARKS Physical Education Program. CUYC now has an exercise room complete with treadmills, rowers, elliptical machines and weights.  They also received the various equipment and lesson planning tools necessary to implement a fun, interactive program to encourage youths to be fit and active.       

So far, staff and youths have played exciting team games such as Ultimate Flying Disc, which allowed everyone to be out in the yard enjoying the mild summer in Utah. CUYC also held a fun Hula Hoop contest with competitions for who could keep his or her hoop up the longest and who was able to get the highest number of hoops rotating around their waist at the same time. CUYC even had soothing, though not extremely graceful, yoga workouts on their new yoga mats.

Youths were also able to get out and bask in the beautiful weather this summer by helping plant, maintain and harvest a wonderful garden, on the CUYC property. The kitchen staff planned recipes to include the harvested vegetables, so the youths could enjoy the "fruits" of their labor. Youths were also able to experience the rewarding feeling of giving when additional vegetables were donated to the local food bank.

Thank you to Kristine Black and the staff at CUYC for sharing their summer activities!

Ultimate Flying Disc
Youth playing with flying discs

Hula Hoop Contest
Youths participating in a hula hoop contest

Gym Equipment
Youths in the exercise room