PbS Perspective January 2016 Highlights Facility Performance in Key Areas

Posted by Patricia Rafferty
January 19, 2016

Last January, Performance-based Standards (PbS) released the first in a series of publications offering a snapshot of the conditions of confinement and quality of life in secure facilities. A PbS Perspective was published in January 2015 and in July 2015 and we are delighted to announce another installment in this series – the PbS Perspective January 2016!

This publication shares selected aggregate data from the October 2015 data collection to show facility performance in significant areas. Some highlights from the PbS Perspective January 2016:

  • Nearly three-quarters of youths reported that staff are fair about discipline issues;
  • Ninety percent of staff said the training they received while at the facility improved their job skills;
  • Of youths who reported attending school regularly, nearly two-thirds rated school as very helpful or helpful; and
  • Three-fifths of youths reported that they were asked their opinions at unit team meetings.

For more on isolation, fairness, staff training, educational services, connecting with families, trauma-informed care and other key areas proven to impact youth’s safety and healthy development, check out our issue briefs resource page.