Positive Impacts of the Barbara Allen-Hagen Award

Posted by Harvey Reed
March 21, 2017

The Barbara Allen-Hagen Award is the highest honor for a juvenile facility that is committed to improving the quality of life for the youth that it serves. If we were thrilled in 2012 when Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility was bestowed this honor, then it is difficult to find words to describe the exhilaration we experienced in 2015 when we learned that the same facility was the first ever to receive this national award for a second time.

BAH2015CuyahogaHillsJCFThe team at the PbS 20th Anniversary Celebration and Awards Gala in 2015

Winning the award twice has significantly affirmed the staff at the facility for the incredible work they do. Local, state, national, and even international recognition has resulted in networking opportunities and the chance to share with other jurisdictions. The honor has boosted culture while promoting staff buy-in of initiatives and sustainability of progress made. What’s more, it has furthered our dedication and determination to rely on data to shape our plans to improve outcomes for youth.

We’re grateful to be bestowed the honor twice. While we have submitted applications that have not resulted in awards, the process itself is valuable in that it demonstrates that the administration supports and believes in its staff. Through the Barbara Allen-Hagen Award, PbS has created an opportunity for corrections and community programs to help countless youth benefit from an improved environment, one that we would want for our own children. There’s no doubt this has given families peace of mind knowing that their youth reside in a facility that has been recognized for continuously improving conditions of confinement and quality of life.

This message from Ohio Department of Youth Services Director Harvey Reed is the first in a series of interviews with past Barbara Allen-Hagen Award winners. PbS participants may sign in to pbstandards.org to fill out an application. Applications for the 2017 Barbara Allen-Hagen Award will be accepted until March 31, 2017.