Finalist from Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex Pops and Locks It

Posted by Jonah Schennum
August 04, 2017

The Performance-based Standards (PbS) State/Agency Coordinators Training and Awards Night in Chicago, Illinois is now only a few months away. Participants are waiting to see the results of PbS’ annual Kids Got Talent Contest.

PbS challenges facilities and youths to share their talents with the country and invites the winner to come perform live at the Awards Night. We received over 90 great performance submissions, and after careful deliberation 14 finalists were chosen.

Coming from Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex, Paul T. showed off his dance moves for this year’s Kids Got Talent Contest. He danced an impressive pop and lock freestyle to Marian Hill’s “Are You Down.” It’s clear that Paul’s been practicing his moves for a long time – and it impressed our judges too, who loved his creative movements and his interpretation of the song through dance.

Congratulations on becoming a finalist, Paul, and thank you for sharing your talent! Make sure to keep checking back for more on the 2017 Kids Got Talent Finalists!