Juvenile Justice Information Exchange: Adult Courts Degrade Health of Juveniles, Their Families, California Study Finds

Posted by Mike Dempsey
February 08, 2017

A wide-ranging study of youth incarceration in California outlines what it calls the debilitating effects on the health of teens, their families and society when youthful offenders are tried and sentenced as adults.

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PbS Perspective January 2017: Using PbS and Research to Improve Education and Recidivism Outcomes

Posted by Patricia Rafferty
February 03, 2017

Performance-based Standards (PbS) presents the next in a series of publications that offers a snapshot of the conditions of confinement and quality of life in secure facilities. This week, PbS published the PbS Perspective January 2017.

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State lawmakers are looking at changes to the Massachusetts criminal justice system, which could keep teenagers away from adult prisons.

Posted by Mike Dempsey
January 31, 2017

WWLP (MA):   Proposal would expand juvenile justice system above age 18
Would keep most offenders between 18 and 21 out of adult prisons

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The Texas Tribune: Juvenile justice advocates look to raise age of criminal responsibility to 18

Posted by Mike Dempsey
February 02, 2017

1-30-17     Johnathan Silver    

Seventeen-year-olds can't vote, join the military or buy cigarettes or alcohol, but they're treated as adults in criminal cases in Texas. About 200 people rallied at the Capitol on Monday to change that.

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PbS Reentry Measurement Standards: Give All Youths a Chance to Start Again

Posted by Kim Godfrey
January 03, 2017

There are few things as comforting as knowing that every Jan. 1 we get another chance to start again – diets, exercise, relationships, school, careers, community, our contributions to society  – all our desires and dreams now possible with a clean slate; the baggage of the previous year is left behind.

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