Leadership Institute


In Jan. 2013, CJCA was awarded a two-year Models for Change (MfC) grant to establish a Resource Network for Youth Correctional Leaders and Professionals to sustain and expand knowledge developed and mastered as part of the MfC Reform Initiative. The CJCA Leadeship Institute was one component of this grant.

At the October 2014 Leadership Institute Meeting, Robert  Listenbee, Administrator, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention moderated a panel of four state agency directors on  "Reducing Isolation and Changing Culture" focusing on why, how and what are alternatives to isolation / room confinement in youth facilities.  The discussion included approximately 50 leaders on the need to address the use of isolation, the barriers to changing facility culture and practices and strategies and tools directors use to reduce the use of isolation in their facilities.  At the concludion of the conference, members requested that a toolkit be developed for states to use as a guide to reduce the use of isolation in youth correction and detention facilities.

The CJCA Toolkit: Reducing the Use of Isolation, has been developed to help members and the field reduce the use of isolation and ultimately, better help youths in juvenile facilities become successful members of the community.

CJCA's 2015, 2016 and 2017 Leadership Institute Meetings were held in Chicago, IL and were made  possible through funding by The Annie E. Casey Foundation.

At the Oct. 2015 CJCA Leadership Institute, CJCA members requested development of a Positive Youth Development Toolkit. This toolkit was created to help members create a strong organizational and program delivery framework based on positive youth development that ultimately helps youths in juvenile facilities become successful members of the community