Position Papers

A set of position papers on pressing issues for the juvenile justice and juvenile corrections field.

Trauma Informed Care in Juvenile Justice

CJCA position paper on Trauma informed Care in Juvenile Justice 

Thursday, August, 31 2017

Community-based Mental Health Services

Position paper on Community-based Mental Health Services 

Thursday, August, 31 2017

Mental Health Services for LGBTQI Youthful Offenders

CJCA position paper on Mental Health Services for LGBTQI Youthful Offenders 

Sunday, August, 06 2017

Family Engagement

CJCA Position paper on Family Engagement. 

Thursday, August, 31 2017

Waiver and Transfer of Youths to Adult Systems

The Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA) strongly supports the position that the juvenile justice system is the most appropriate system to hold youths accountable and receive age-appropriate and effective treatment and rehabilitation opportunities.                                         

Wednesday, March, 15 2017