CJCA Newsletters

A quarterly newsletter to keep its members appraised of information on best practices, current issues and recent research.

CJCA Spring 2015 newsletter

the CJCA Spring 2015 newsletter features Ned Loughran's Executive Directors's message on the soon to be launched youth in Custody Practice Model and coverage of the upcoming New Directors Seminar and Summer Business Meeting 2015 in Indianapolis; and CJCA President Sharon Harrigfeld message to directors.


Wednesday, November, 18 2015

CJCA Winter 2015 Newsletter

the CJCA Winter 2015 newsletter features coverage of the Winter Business Meeting 2015 in Long Beach, CA; the PbS State Coordinators Training held in Long Beach, CA and a Q&A with CJCA President Sharon Harrigfeld of Idaho.

Thursday, March, 19 2015

CJCA Fall 2013 Newsletter

Issue 63 - CJCA Fall 2013 Newsletter

Tuesday, April, 29 2014

CJCA Summer 2014 Newsletter

Issue 65 - CJCA Summer 2014 Newsletter

This newsletter features Executive Director Ned Loughran’s column on the past 20 years and future objective (page 2), the CJCA President's Message from Mike Dempsey (page 5), an article on a new national mental health working group (page 8), reflections of a Barbara Allen-Hagen Award winner (page 11) and information about the Pew Charitable Trusts Public Safety Performance Project (page 13).

Friday, August, 22 2014

CJCA June 2013 Newsletter

Issue 62 - CJCA June 2013 Newsletter

Tuesday, April, 29 2014