CJCA Newlsletter Sep. 2017

This issue features coverage of the Summer Meeting 2017 in St. Louis; Ending Solitary for Juveniles and Kansas finding new opportuntiies in juvenile justice reform.

CJCA Spring 2015 newsletter

the CJCA Spring 2015 newsletter features Ned Loughran's Executive Directors's message on the soon to be launched youth in Custody Practice Model and coverage of the upcoming New Directors Seminar and Summer Business Meeting 2015 in Indianapolis; and CJCA President Sharon Harrigfeld message to directors.


CJCA Spring 2014 Newsletter

Issue 64 - CJCA Spring 2014 Newsletter

This newsletter features Executive Director Ned Loughran’s column on how CJCA is Promoting Alternatives  to Isolation (page 3), a story about Indiana’s "Making a Change" Unit, working to improve juvenile education while reducing the use of isolation (page 5), Michigan’s new Director of the Michigan Juvenile Program in the Michigan Department of Human Services, Dr. Herman McCall and the PbS State Coordinator’s Training held in Tampa (page 15).

CJCA Winter 2015 Newsletter

the CJCA Winter 2015 newsletter features coverage of the Winter Business Meeting 2015 in Long Beach, CA; the PbS State Coordinators Training held in Long Beach, CA and a Q&A with CJCA President Sharon Harrigfeld of Idaho.